Translators, interpreters and proofreaders

When embarking on the adventure of publicising services and values in the local area and around the world, our sputnik makes an excellent travel companion for companies (small or large), institutions and places.

A cohesive and specialised team that takes care of all the details, offering direct communication and a personal approach that has become our main asset.

All of our translators, interpreters and proofreaders are graduates in translation and/or interpretation and have developed their careers in translation/interpreting over many years, specialising in one or more sectors.

We like to follow up our translations to check whether they’ve helped our customers achieve their goals.

We’re a small team but we like to know that we’re growing all the time.

In-house team

Isabel Hortal

Isabel Hortal

Company director and project manager

l hold a degree in translation and interpretation from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Granada. I‘ve also completed a postgraduate degree in legal terminology and doctoral courses at Moscow State Linguistic University. I’ve worked as a radio, press and television correspondent in Moscow. I’m a translator, proofreader and project manager.

Victoria Kataeva

Victoria Kataeva

Project manager, accounting

I hold a master’s degree in international relations from Saint Petersburg State University (Russia) and a master’s degree in banking and finances from the Higher Institute of Banking Techniques and Practices of Madrid. My mother tongue is Russian, but we can speak in English, Catalan, Spanish and, in the near future, in Arabic and Chinese. I’m passionate about languages!

Do you want an impeccable result?


What’s the word count of your text? Which languages does it need to be translated into? Is it in an editable format or does it need to be converted? Check your in-box for our quote!


Perhaps your sector uses specific terminology or you want us to use some specific words for the positioning of your website. Let’s talk about it!


We’ve already assigned you a team of translators. Your speciality is theirs as well; they’ll get the most out of your text, ensuring that it sounds effective and natural in another language.


The translation goes from the translator to the proofreader, who checks it for content or spelling mistakes, as well as unifying criteria in all the languages. We then send you the translated project!


Has your text been laid out for publication? Send it to us before it goes to the printer’s and we’ll proofread it for a second time. This is the result you want: 100% impeccable!