Translating is about transmitting the meaning of an original text to another language and, on many occasions, to another context.

Each project is different, which is why our translators specialise in different sectors.

  • Tourism, marketing and communication

The translation is adapted to meet the needs of the brand or company. The translators need to employ a high level of creativity in order to adapt the language to its target context.

  • Legal and administrative translations

Our translators are highly specialised, with legal training and knowledge of the legislation and the terminology used in the legal documents of each country, ensuring that the translation does not become an added obstacle to understanding legal documents.

  • Technical and commercial translations

The translation aims to stay true to the text and offer clear information. For technical and commercial documents, along with general correspondence.

We integrate our computer-assisted translation and terminology management tools, enabling us to offer more competitive prices.

Our translators translate exclusively into their mother tongue. The translation is then checked by a group of proofreaders to ensure its final quality.